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September 18, 2007

Title: Made to Love

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Title: Made to Love
Rating: PG
Fandom: X-Men/Heroes
Pairings: Peter Petrelli/Rogue
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Sequel to Homework Help though you don’t need to read it to understand this. Cyclops was right. Right place and right time plus right person is amazing. Done for the crossover challenge galore challenge. I chose the touch prompt

Peter/Rogue – touch, love, flight, smile, strength


Sometimes she still missed Bobby. He and Kitty had started dating soon after she’d given up her powers. She’d given them up mostly for herself, but she’d also hoped that things would get better between her and Bobby. Instead, he’d been angry with her for ‘giving up’ as he’d put it. In a way, she supposed that she had sold out. And she still wasn’t welcome back home, because as all mutants who took the cure soon found, the cure didn’t last. So despite all the trouble, despite losing Bobby, she’d gained nothing. She was even more isolated now than before. Her one escape, her one joy, was in going out at night incognito.

Every night Rogue gathered her gloves and cape and went out, lurking in the town and imagining what it might be like to be normal. It was during one of these excursions that she caught the eye of another guy. He was very different from Bobby – darker in some way. He wasn’t evil, but he seemed as isolated as she. He was in the bar one night. And then she saw him the next and the next. They would sit and watch the world, separately together somehow.

Finally one evening, he came over to her table. “You’re different, like me. I can feel it.”

Taken aback, she nodded.

“Give me your hand,” he said softly, knowingly.

Rogue reached out her gloved hand as if to shake his and he reached to pull off her glove. “Don’t!” she said, starting to pull back.

His eyes caught hers with their intensity. “Trust me.” The words echoed in her mind as she relaxed, allowing him to remove her glove and take her hand. Suddenly she was taking his life away, but …. What was happening? He was taking it back.

Rogue jerked her hand back. “You’re like me,” she whispered in wonder. The sensation hadn’t hurt and he didn’t appear to be in any pain.

“We balance each other,” he replied. “We were made for each other.”

In that instant, he sounded like the Professor – prophetic. “I hardly know you…”

“I’m Peter Petrelli,” he introduced himself. “Let me buy you a drink because I think we’ve got a lot in common.”


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