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September 18, 2007

Title: To Defend and Protect

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Title: To Defend and Protect
Rating: PG
Fandom: Heroes/X-Men
Pairings: For the galorechallenge – protect
Summary: Matt/Rogue – touch, thanks, protect, love, family


Matt Parkman was finally back in control of his life. First had come his second chance at the detective exam, and when he’d passed it, he’d been offered a position with the FBI. Soon after that, he’d reconciled with Janice and now they had a child on the way. His life was about as close to perfect as it had been far from it the year before. He still had his telepathic ability, but he’d started distancing himself from all the things that highlighted it, including the others like him he’d met along the way. He’d decided that forward motion was the best. No need to look back, no need to dwell, no need to risk it all – not when he’d managed to get it all back.

The only thing he disliked about his new position was the fact that his department was in charge of hunting down the so-called “mutants”. It made him uncomfortable deep down, but he forced himself to shove that feeling away. After all, if these people truly cared about belonging and being part of society, they wouldn’t have yet been identified. Some of them even highlighted their powers as making them special and different, deserving of special considerations.

The world was changing and they needed to get with the program as he had done.

“We’ve got several possible sitings in the area. Parkman, I want you to check out this address. If you find the mutants, do not engage them. They are to be considered very dangerous.”

“Yes sir,” Matt replied, taking the paper and memorizing the address before getting in his car. With his ability, he’d know as soon as he arrived at the address. Just before he opened the door, someone grabbed his hand – one of the passersby in the area. “Can I help…” he started to say and it suddenly felt as if his very life was being drained from him.

We know who you are and you us. We are not harmful and we can help you with your gift.

The thoughts flashed through his mind suddenly and he also realized that he felt normal once again.

We can help and protect you and yours but the choice is up to you


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